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Virtual Tax Counsel



Many growing companies have some internal tax function, which is usually focused on compliance. Other larger companies may have an in-house tax planning function, but frequently these groups are overburdened.
Within a predictable fee structure, we can act as the equivalent of an “inside” tax counsel. Some of the ways we can assist include:

    • Identifying and evaluating tax issues arising in new business models and types of transactions and provide guidance to business on matters that need to be considered before discussions advance too far with third parties.
    • Assist with providing strategic guidance on managing foreign tax audits.
    • Assist with developing transfer pricing policy and advising on adequacy of intercompany agreements and other documentation.
    • Assist with reviewing tax language in various commercial contracts to make sure tax exposure is understood and limited.
    • Advise on impact of proposed and pending tax legislation and regulations.
    • Assist with developing standard policies and procedures to make sure tax function has meaningful opportunity to provide guidance on new business initiatives, models, etc.