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Tax Accounting


We can be a resource for local, regional and national CPA firms in accounting method changes and other tax accounting matters before the IRS National Office.
For example, we can:

  • Advise on overall strategy in pursuing accounting method change requests on various timing matters, including benefits of receiving audit protection by proactively filing accounting method change requests.
  • Advise on eligibility for automatic method charges.
  • Assist with fully developing factual background and technical support for Form 3115 requests and interact with IRS National Office.
  • Advise on various LIFO inventory matters, such as impact of restructurings on LIFO inventories, “item” definition, adequacy of books and records and LIFO conformity requirement.
  • Advise on various questions under section 263A (UNICAP rules)
  • Assist with requesting Section 9100 relief for late filings.