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More Art, Less Science – Managing a Tax Dispute

The Miles Consulting Group, helps companies doing business across state lines with  multistate tax needs. They often assist clients in audits and other disputes with state agencies.

I recently wrote a guest blog post for their website looking at disputes from the federal standpoint and things to consider before engaging in tax planning.

Here is an overview of the guest blog post.

On March 23, 2017, the IRS Large Business and International (LB&I) division announced the initial identification and selection of 13 “campaigns” to combat perceived tax compliance issues, with more campaigns to be identified and launched in coming months.

In its announcement the IRS has indicated that depending on the particular issue, the “treatment stream” (a great example of IRS-speak) may include starting an issue-focused examination or issuing a “soft letter” (where the IRS invites the taxpayer to either amend its tax return or respond to the IRS explaining why the taxpayer’s treatment of a particular issue was appropriate).

All of this begs the question — and this applies to a dispute with the IRS as well as any other taxing authority– of how should a taxpayer manage a dispute with the taxing authority.  Based on my 25+ years of practice as a tax attorney (and with the standard tax attorney caveat that of course these rules could change depending on the circumstances), here are my four rules for how to manage a dispute with a tax authority.

  1. The best defense is a good offense.
  2. Be proactive in dealing with the tax audit.
  3. Help the auditor be your advocate.
  4. Know when to fight; Know when to fold.

You can read the full post, with details on each of the 4 rules, here:


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