A Tax Law Firm Serving Individuals and Businesses

About Astrov PC

While working as Senior Tax Counsel for Chevron, Harry-Todd Astrov came across interesting and complex international tax questions, particularly arising from day-to-day business operations.

By way of his work, he realized that many companies must face similar tax issues, and he wanted to help those companies maximize their after-tax income.

H.T.'s goal, in founding Astrov P.C., is to ensure that companies seek tax planning advice as early as possible as part of their routine decision-making processes.

However, he realized that most companies did not have access to the same financial resources of a large multinational, so he founded the firm with a mission to offer business and tax planning advice through predictive pricing and competitive rates so even middle-market and smaller companies can have access to experienced tax and business advisors.

Astrov P.C.'s lawyers have experience working at some of the world's largest companies, organizations, law firms, and governments.

Our passion is to apply the knowledge we developed through this experience to watch companies develop and grow, and successfully compete in the global marketplace.