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Do You Owe more than $50,000 in taxes?

Is your Bank Account being levied by the FTB?

to seek tax counsel

to seek tax counsel

What does the new tax law mean for your business?

It is never too early to seek tax counsel.

People hesitate to call tax attorneys with their business tax questions.

They hesitate because they are afraid of incurring high fees or not knowing what question to ask.

By working closely with our clients to understand their business initiatives at the planning stage, the firm aims to provide actionable tax guidance and help our clients avoid costly tax mistakes.

It is never too late to seek tax counsel.

We know that letters from the IRS usually don’t contain good news and tend to result in stress.

At Astrov P.C., we’ll help you understand your options. We can’t make tax issues magically disappear, but we’ll strongly advocate for you and speak to the IRS on your behalf.

If you’re being audited, we’ll give you our unbiased views on the strength of your tax position and the best way to defend yourself. If you are in Collections, we’ll work closely with you to understand your financial situation and help you understand your alternatives for paying the IRS.

Ready to find out more?

Discuss your options with HT and receive legal advice on different strategies available for dealing with your tax related issues.

Whether engaged as a sole advisor or to work alongside your existing tax advisors, Astrov P.C. is a professional resource to assist you with your U.S. and international tax planning, or represent you before the IRS and other tax authorities in your audit, appeal or collection matter.


HT Astrov - 25 years as a tax lawyer

With 25 years of combined experience as a tax lawyer for the Internal Revenue Service, a Fortune 10 multinational, and prestigious law and accounting firms, Harry-Todd Astrov established Astrov P.C. based on the following premises:

We tell it to you straight.

We’ll explain things so that you understand why we are recommending that you take or not take a specific action.

We’ll keep our fees as predictable as possible.

The traditional hourly-based fee relationship between clients and their tax advisors is more often than not, an impediment to the early communication necessary to stop tax surprises. Although not possible in all circumstances, Astrov P.C.’s strong preference is to enter into predictable fee arrangements not solely based on hours.

What our clients are saying

What a RELIEF to find a lawyer who cares and looks out for you
I hired HT last year on a tax matter that freaked me out after being an expat most of my adult life and I was so worried. HT helped me even if I am on the other side of the world and was very super patient with me and helped solve the matter so I can sleep at night and not worry about the tax authorities. Who wants to be in trouble with them?! I would highly recommend him and his associates (tax experts that he recommended). It was so well worth it. Finding a good tax attorney online is not easy and I was very adamant but I got lucky. I will not hesitate to recommend him or use his services again. He was not into gouging people's fears and was reasonable and a kind person. We should have more lawyers like him.

- Ellen on Avvo

We were pointed to H.T. Astrov Law by our corporate attorney as we were searching for a professional representative to help us in our interactions with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
H.T. came very highly recommended and we have since found his services more than exceed our expectations and the accolades from our attorney. The qualities that stand out are:
- Responsiveness – calls to his office either reach him directly and immediately, or are returned with minimum delay.
- Knowledge – his prior experience with the IRS has been the key to effective dealings with various requests and requirements presented to us.
- Professionalism - H.T. is a professional, period.

- Damon on Avvo

When we received an audit notice we had spoken to a tax attorney about our particular issue and received no helpful advice, no explanation and what amounted to a very rude send-off. We then called H.T. who not only reassured us that things could be resolved, but also spent time on the phone and in person to make sure that we could present our issues in a way that the IRS would respond well to. We would definitely recommend H.T. as an experienced, thorough and supportive tax attorney. Our result was better than expected and we have him to thank for it.

- Anonymous AVVO user

I am a female, small business owner. I have been audited 3 times in the last 5 years. What a hassle. This last time I had been going back and forth with the IRS for a year. I was trying to handle it on my own, but was not successful. The IRS was pushing for me to go to court. I was introduced to H.T. through my corporate attorney.
H.T. has been amazing. He gave great advice, was very attentive, very clear in his plan of action and most of all put me at ease that my case was being handled. After reviewing all my documents, H.T. called the IRS then wrote a letter on my behalf and within a month my case was closed in my favor! H.T. saved me over $13k and lots of time and stress. I wish I had met him long ago. Good luck to those who need to need a tax attorney, I believe you will be in good hands with H.T. Astrov.

- Anonymous AVVO user